Isolation Update from the Hermit of Pauanui

Greetings Everyone,

I have been planning to send out a newsletter for some time, just looking, hoping, waiting for some sort of good news to report? The only good news so far is we are moving out of level 4 lock down next week to level 3.9, sorry level 3

Life in lock down – The first week was fine, I got all the jobs done around the house I have been talking about doing for the last 5 years. I have spent lots of time with the family which has been fantastic.

If you are feeling a bit stir crazy, I hope this lightens up your day.

Most of our clients and people on our golf data base ( 7000+)  are from New Zealand and Australia about a 50/50 split, a bit like me born in Brisbane / now live in NZ, that split is about “20/40” years, I know I don’t look a day over 40, just look at our web site

I have always been a glass half full person 

This whole Coronavirus thing started with some silly bastard eating a Bat in Wuhan, now we’ve all got bats on the brain
“Bats in the Belfry" we all know the meaning of this after 4 weeks of lock down in NZ and much the same in A. 
At lease in Australia you have some shops open and some restaurants are doing takeaway food. Our only takeaways are putting the rubbish bags and empty bottles (plenty of green ones) in the boot of the car and dropping them at the dump on the way to the Supermarket. 

In NZ we go from level 4 to level 3 next Tuesday

Level 4 is “stay home and don’t go out”, unless it’s to the only thing open, “the supermarket in your area” or to the doctor.  No one wants to go to the doctor in case they catch the lurgy, so now the poor old doctors are all going broke as well.

When you do go to the supermarket you need to dress up like Neil Armstrong on his Lunar Landing , if you dare to cough, look out , you risk verbal abuse or being attacked by weird looking people who should be carrying a pitch fork or riding a broom.

No Golf, fishing, swimming, surfing, mountain biking, almost anything ending with "ing", Oh you can go for a walk or run in your local area, but do not go near anyone who is not in your bubble.
Can’t even go to the gym, I used to love the gym, many people like the tread mill or rowing machine, my favourite device is the vending machine. I have now walked 142 K’s in the last 4 weeks, haven’t lost one kilo could have something to do with the green bottles in the fridge?

Level 3 starts on Wednesday, can't wait? Whoops (stay home, don’t go out) in fact it’s almost exactly the same as level 4 
Can you believe under the original level 3 regulations golf was considered to be far too dangerous, thank goodness they have now decide to open the courses.
Golf was far too dangerous?  someone might fall in their divot hole ?? give me break
Imagine this, under level 3 you will be able to go swimming at the beach, surfing, wind surfing and mountain biking ?? much safer than golf.
Lifeguards are not an essential service, so make sure you don’t drown, get taken by a shark or drive off a cliff and break your neck.
Golf is far too dangerous ? gee you could break your handicap. 

Oh, in level 3.99 McDonalds & KFC will be open for takeaways. None in our neighbourhood so will have to be Fush & Chups 

All jokes aside, our governments are doing their best to stop the spread of this terrible virus that is affecting everyone in some way.
We are lucky we live in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific islands and not places like New York or London.
Let’s hope the medical fraternity can find a vaccine ASAP, so the world can get back to some form of normality.

Golf Tour Plans

As far as our golf tours dates are concerned, we are in the lap of the god’s (government regulations) it’s been all rescheduled, reschedule at present and maybe for some time.

There is talk, speculation, of Australia & NZ opening their borders to each other to generate some sort of tourism. This is could happen under strict guidelines if the number of cases in each country gets below a certain figure. We may have to have a test before we get on the plane.

I understand there is already a Covid19 test available that works in minutes. 

If NZ and AUZ do open the borders this may also include Fiji and other the Pacific Islands, depending on the country, these island nations have none to very few reported cases.

Rescheduled Tour Plans

It will still be some time (months) before any of the above could possibly take place. So, as it stands at present our program is as follows.

  • Thailand / Cambodia is now rescheduled for the end of October
  • Sheraton Golf Classic Fiji September 1st to 5th 
  • Fiji Legends September 7th to 10th 

Hawaii is still planned for August, but will probably need to be rescheduled
Local Events 

 If we don’t have some sort of golf events to play in soon, we will all go bat shit crazy, as most of our clients know the majority of our tours and tournaments the past 10 years have been held outside NZ & Australia 

Planned in NZ 

  1.  As soon as we are allowed, we plan to hold a 3 round $40,000 pro-am and teams event, to be played at an Iconic & pristine NZ course. (30 teams of 1 pro & 3 amateurs) more info shortly
  2. Father & Son (family championship) will return. This tournament will be played over 3 rounds in different divisions, Father & Son, Grandfather & Grandson, Stepfather & Stepson, Uncle & Nephew. Other categories include Father & daughter, Mother & Son, Mother & Daughter etc etc 
  3. Husband & Wife Golf Classic, if the lock down hasn’t got you this event could??

I would be very keen to know your thoughts about the above planned events.

In these uncertain times there is one game-changer, “a Covid19 vaccine”
Our economies were strong before this medical disaster and history suggests we will bounce back quickly from this. Once a vaccine is available all the borders will be open again, the planes will be flying, the tourist will come back. The smart countries will become more self-sufficient and less reliant on China and bring a lot of manufacturing back home. 

Pacific Golf Management has been in business for 30 years, we organise many tours and golf events each year including a number of large pro- am tournaments,  once this nightmare is over, we will still be here. 

I will have an update ASAP on all our present and future events and tours.

Stay Sane & Stay Safe 

Kind Regards
Richard Ellis